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By digitalgear / April 19, 2016

Did somebody say BBQ?!   Our BBQ signature cooking class was a blast! When we told our audience they we’re going to eat and witness signature BBQ food, we weren’t lying. This was the most popular and fun a 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 cooking class has ever been. We’d like to thank everyone who came to […]

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Mixology 101 from our Bar Service

By digitalgear / March 25, 2016

In this video, you’ll learn how a signature drink is made with Meghan Gilmore from our full bar service team! Whether it’s a bride’s request, a traditional twist, or any other customization, we want to make the drinks YOU want. Our bar service replicates the 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 company motto: think outside of the box. […]

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Why Hire Full Bar Service

By digitalgear / March 25, 2016

You have an upcoming wedding party to plan. A 4th of July celebration with friends and family. A company anniversary celebration… You have a few options: Go to the store and buy beer, wine, cocktail ingredients (drinks that you “think” your guests will like) Google some online recipes and try to whip up some drinks […]

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The Container Store Grand Opening in Sacramento

By digitalgear / March 8, 2016

Have we mentioned that we love what we do? Recently, we had the pleasure of catering the Grand Opening of The Container Store in Sacramento. This event was one of the most special events we’ve catered in quite some time. We provided appetizers, desserts, sliders, sandwiches, and everything in between to 1,400 guests! This event […]

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Hold a Private Wedding Tasting Before the Big Day!

By digitalgear / February 8, 2016

Wedding planning is a complex and absolutely necessary set of tasks, and if there is one task that is one of the most important, it’s making sure you have the most delicious food! 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 & Events has over 40 years of catering and wedding planning experience in the Sacramento area. We’ve taken this […]

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万博体育官网登录网页版 万 Wins at the Business Excellence Awards

By digitalgear / January 26, 2016

And the winner is… 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 & Events!                             We had a blast at the Rocklin Business Excellence Awards on January 20, 2016. It was a fantastic evening all around. If you can’t tell we were very surprised by winning the […]

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Spring 2016 Get Cooking! Classes

By digitalgear / January 22, 2016

  Join 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 and our amazing team of chefs, party planners and mixologists for another semester of signature cooking classes. Classes are taught in a demonstration style format featuring Randy Peters, Chef Kenny, Chef Christina and Mixologist Meghan. Come learn their knowledge, techniques and secrets for gourmet food and drinks.   Be sure […]

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Our Favorite Local Wines in Northern California

By digitalgear / January 5, 2016

At 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 we are all about teaching those around us to think locally. During the holiday season it is important for us to integrate as much locality as possible to ensure we are giving back to the wonderful winemakers, vendors, and farmers that support us year round. When it comes to planning your […]

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Hosting Hacks for the Holidays

By digitalgear / December 7, 2015

As the holidays near, many of us start our gathering planning with guest lists, menu selections and décor. While our bill of fares stray anywhere from a pre-prepared and reheat turkey dinner, prepare ahead potluck, to a 10-course amuse-bouche tasting there is one thing to be kept in the forefront of any host’s mind…How do […]

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Company Holiday Party Checklist eBook

By digitalgear / November 30, 2015

How does an extra treat from your favorite catering company in Sacramento sound to this holiday season? We have over 40 years of experience catering parties for all sizes and types of parties—you can’t find better party planners around! We have just the thing. Our brand new Company Holiday Party Checklist eBook! It goes a […]

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