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New trends are always coming out for weddings – especially rehearsals! Whether you are looking for a casual or formal rehearsal there are trends for both. Traditionally rehearsal meals are dinners, but lately, we’ve been seeing an uptick in rehearsal lunches and other fun trends that break the mold. Read more to learn some additional trends!

Rehearsal Lunches vs Dinners

Brides run into their venue being booked constantly the night before their wedding. What to do?! Host the rehearsal in the morning and then head off to a lunch instead of a dinner. This allows brides plenty of time to get ready for the next day! The atmosphere will most likely be more casual and laid back but some brides don’t mind that – they actually prefer it! Caterers can typically accommodate and also provide services for rehearsals!

Create a Distinct Identity

This is the bride and groom’s opportunity to make it fun! If you are hosting a ballroom type wedding wouldn’t it be great to show out of town family members what you love about the city you are getting married in? Take the family to a dinner that defines you as a couple – one they will never forget!

Welcome Parties

Weddings can be extremely expensive! If you are looking to save money, in lieu of inviting everyone to the rehearsal where they are treated to a fancy meal – host a welcome party with appetizers instead! The welcome party can take place in a backyard or venue – it’s your choice! This will allow you to extend the guest list and have everyone you want there without breaking the bank. The guests won’t be offended if there are drinks and dessert present!

Intimate Romantic Rehearsals

While many brides want to have a big rehearsal so everyone can join in on the celebrations, sometimes it means more to spend time with people that are super important to you. It doesn’t matter what city you are getting married in – find a quiet space to enjoy the day before your wedding.

Rehearsals don’t have to be stressful! Do what works for you. Whether you choose to have a lunch or a dinner in an intimate setting or choose to throw a huge welcome party for everyone – it’s your choice! 万博体育官网登录网页版 万 and Event Center offers three different gorgeous rooms for you to host your rehearsal in! Contact us today to learn more about what we have to offer and how we can help create your dream rehearsal!

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